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Advanced Nanite Transport

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An ANT filling a NTU Silo
An ANT filling a NTU Silo
Advanced Nanite Transport (ANT)
Type Utility
Role Resource Gathering
Certification Required None
Empire Common Pool
Primary Weapon -
Secondary Weapon -
Occupants 1 (Driver)
Handling Very Poor
Top speed 61 kph

The Advanced Nanite Transport (ANT) is used to resupply facilities with NTUs.

To do so, the driver must first drive into a Warpgate or Geowarp bubble and deploy the ANT. (Default key mapping is 'B'.) Note: If harvesting from a Geowarp, that Geowarp must be active at the time.

When the ANT's capacitors are full, it will automatically undeploy. The driver must travel to a facility and deploy the ANT near the NTU Silo. The ANT will undeploy automatically when the NTU Silo is full or the ANT's capacitors are empty.

One fully-filled ANT carries approximately 150% of one facility's total NTU capacity.

Caution: Fully-charged ANTs have a significant secondary blast radius when destroyed.

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