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Armor Piercing 9mm Bullet

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AP 9mm Bullet
AP 9mm Bullet
Armor Piercing 9mm Bullet
Used by Automatic Machine Pistol (AMP), Repeater, Suppressor, Cycler, Gauss, Punisher, Mini-Chaingun
Empire Common Pool
Inventory dimensions 3x3
Quantity per pack 50 bullets

Armor Piercing (AP) 9mm Bullets are ordinance designed specifically for small arms use where armor penetration is required. Armor Piercing 9mm ammo can be acquired from any equipment terminal by any Empire. Armor Piercing 9mm Ammo is effective at damaging armored targets such as Mechanized Armor Exo-Suits, Deployables, and Vehicles. However, AP 9mm Ammo is ineffective at damaging infantry. In such cases, Standard 9mm Ammunition should be employed.

Since AP 9mm Bullets are for use in small arms, they can pass through the energy shields of BattleFrame Robotics.

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