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Introducing the Concept Division, where members of the Planetside Community share their ideas, visions, and artwork with others. This is a meeting place for those in the community who are looking for feedback or partners in designing and illustrating concepts.



This section will be used in the future for displaying the finished products of such designers and partnerships. This display will be in the form of catagorized thumbnail galleries to showcase the design and artistic talents of the Planetside Community in making the game better for everyone.

Go to the Concept Division Boards in the Idealab Forums

Concept Division Boards

to post in the Wishlist, Help Wanted, or Tutorials message boards.

About Concept Division

  • Community Focus
  • How to Join

Useful Links

Concepts By Author

Concepts By Category

Gameplay or General

  • Concept 01 (by Dviddlef)
  • Concept 02 (by Straws)
  • Empire Tech Levels (by Hayoo)
  • NTU Changes and Capacitor System (by Hayoo)

Map and Environments

Squads, Outfits, and Command

Certs and Battlefield Roles

  • Medic Interface and Medevac (by Hayoo)
  • New Certifications: Comtech, Tech, Adv Tech (by Hayoo)


  • SundII and Sunderer Variants by Chirp


  • Emplacements (by Hayoo)
  • Towable Weapons and Equipment (by Hayoo)


  • Concept 01
  • Concept 02


Concepts By Artist

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