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Deliverer Concept Art
Deliverer Concept Art
A Terran Republic Deliverer
A Terran Republic Deliverer
Type Medium Transport
Role Medium Troop Transport
Certification Required Ground Transport
Empire Common Pool
Primary Weapon 2 20mm Recoilless Cannons
Secondary Weapon -
Ammunition Used Recoilless Cannon Bullets
Occupants 5 (Driver, 2 Gunners and 2 Passengers)
Handling Good
Top speed 68 kph (43 kph over water)

While less maneuverable than assault buggies, the Deliverer has two gunners -- one next to the driver, facing forward, the other in the rear, covering the back. A reasonable trunk provides adequate space to carry supplies as well. The Deliverer also has the distinct advantage of being able to cross calm rivers and waterways and will float at the surface.

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