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Empire Benefit

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Locking a continent can carry with it a unique benefit for the Empire holding that planet. These benefits apply to all facilities regardless of a Galactic Lattice link.

There are currently two types of continents, Home Continents and Neutral Continents.

Home continents

A Home Continent is on a planet directly linked to an Empire's Sanctuary. If an Empire captures both of these planets, they gain access to that Empire's vehicles. A linked Technology Plant is still required to purchase Advanced Assault vehicles.

Home Continent Empire benefits persist until an opposing Empire recaptures and locks one of their home continents.

Ceryshen & Forseral (VS
Magriders, Auroras, Threshers, Aphelions & Eclipses
Amerish & Esamir (NC
Vanguards, Thunderers, Enforcers, Peregrines & Eagles
Solsar & Hossin (TR
Prowlers, Raiders, Marauders, Colossuses & Invaders

Neutral continents

A Neutral Continent/Planet is not linked to any Sanctuaries. There are currently 4 neutral planets. When an Empire locks one, they will gain the benefit associated with it. These benefits persist until an opposing Empire recaptures and locks the continent for their own faction.

Oshur Battle Islands 
Provides Dropship Center benefit to all of your bases. (i.e., vehicle repair)
Provides a +10% armor bonus to all vehicles of that empire.
Provides the Amp Station benefit to all of your bases. (i.e., vehicle shields)
Provides the Bio Laboratory benefit to all of your bases. (i.e., faster respawn)

These benefits are sometimes called Global Benefits.

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