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Type Light Assault Buggy
Role Attack/Defense
Certification Required Harasser, Assault Buggy or Light Scout
Empire Common Pool
Primary Weapon 12mm rotary chaingun
Secondary Weapon -
Ammunition Used Rotary Chaingun Bullets
Occupants 2 (Driver and Gunner)
Handling Excellent
Top speed 85 kph
Defense 1250 AV
Maximum Driver Equip Reinforced Exo-Suit

A fast and agile vehicle, the Harasser requires a driver and a gunner, the gunner having access to a 12mm rotary chaingun. The Harasser also has the feature of being invisible to facility radar, keeping it safe from Phalanx turret auto fire. The open cockpit of this vehicle allows the driver to wear up to Reinforced Exo-Suit.

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