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Reference material:

How to write in wiki markup: wiki writing

Test area: VR Wiki

Rapid How-To:

  • Register yourself so you and others can track your contributions.
  • Note: your email account must then be validated before you can edit pages.
  • Click a white link, or hit the "edit" tab on an existing page to add.
  • Don't put strategies on weapon, vehicle, or armor pages, put it in the Strategy area.

Syndicate tips:

  • When you edit, please enter a Summary at the bottom of what you have changed! If you're adjusting something small like a word or two, please check "minor edit." and indicate what words you changed.
  • Red links mean there's nothing on the other end of them, and need authoring.
  • Please don't create pages about specific players, the User Pages are there for that.
  • To see all pages where authoring is needed, view Special:Wantedpages
  • Use other articles that address similar items to lay out your article or see how things are written/coded. There's no stealing in a wiki, everything here is public domain.
  • Don't hesitate to edit if you see something wrong or missing. There's a tab at the top of every article.
  • Please keep personal references, strategies, and opinions out of Game Data pages.
  • Normal image code: [[Image:.jpg|thumb|150px|right|Description]]
  • Redirect code: #Redirect <destination_title>
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