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Get a Client

Try our in-browser java irc client.

Or you can download mIRC for free from [1]. Once installed you can fill out your username information and continue below:

To Connect

If you have mIRC installed you can click this link and it will connect you.




alternate server names are and

NOTE: is no longer pointed to the correct network. Please update your settings to

Once Connected

To join a channel to chat, use command /join. Our most popular channels are #planetside and #srn. For example, type

/join #planetside

to join the #planetside room.


Once connected you can register yourself to the server by typing

/register <account> <password> <email>

then the next time you visit type

/auth <account> <password>

Personal Messages

To send personal messages (called queries) use the command /query with their name (and optionally a message). For example, to say hello to martyr, you would type (in any irc room)

/msg martyr hello

Notes on the Java client

The java client requires Sun's Java browser plug-in.

This client works in Firefox and Mozilla browsers, Opera, Safari, Konquerer, and even Internet Explorer (although the Syndicate does not condone its use in any circumstance).

It automatically connects to our server first, and then channel #planetside. The first window that opens, called "Status," is the status of your connection to the server. This window is handy for executing private commands that you wouldn't want another room to see (if you leave out the leading /, for example), such as sending queries to other people.

Once the connection is made, the window for #planetside automatically opens.

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