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Current Team:

  • Beady - Adam Polomchak -Programmer
  • Virrago - Paul Williams - Community Relations Manager

SOE General:

  • SitDog - Rob Sitton - Programmer


  • Samhayne - Alex Von Minden - Producer - Lead Designer
  • T-Ray - Tramell Isaac - Lead Artist
  • SporkFire - Victor Wachter - Community Relations Manager
  • Syzygy - Eric Swanson - Lead Programmer
  • CSR-JohnnyA - Johnny Ah Sue - Customer Service Representative
  • CSR-ChrisL - Chris L. - Customer Service Representative
  • Fisa - Fisa Castellanos - Artist
  • Zatozia - Lydia Pope - Community Relations Manager
  • Xahn - Glenn Snyder - Producer - Lead Designer
  • Raijinn - Joel Sasaki - Community Relations Manager

Game Credits:

Development Team:

  • Executive Producer - Richard Lawrence
  • Producer - Dave Dickenson
  • Creative Director - Kevin McCann
  • Designer - Terrence Yee
  • Programming Lead - Don Neufeld
  • Senior Technology Architect - John Ratcliffe
  • Programmer - Roy Fleck, Bradley Heinz, Scott Martin, Robert Mitchell, Scott Musler, Robert Sitton, Stephen Wang
  • Art Director - Tramell Ray Isaac
  • Artist - Doug Batson, Brett Briley, Francesa Castellanos, Mike Chubb, Niraj Desai, Arash Keissami, Joseph Marullo, Andrew Risch, Josh Robinson, Lance Thornblad, Jason Webb, Ian Wall, Nathan Campbell
  • Mission Layout - Dave Kuykendall, Peter Chang
  • Associate Producers - Robert Matzker, Danny Han
  • Community Representative - Victor Wachter
  • Administraton - Minda Barlogio

Programming - Lodestone Games

  • Technical and Programming - Lorin Jameson, Matt Shaw, Ed Teffeau, Colin Shannon, Paul Suggs, Kyle Forbes
  • Art and Particle Effects - Jeff Hanna, Greg Grimsby, Brian Traficante, Chris Woodum

Sound Effects - PCB Productions

  • Director of Audio - Keith Arem
  • Sound Design - Steven Robinson, Mark Lanza, Jonathan Wareham


  • Composed and Recorded By - Don Ferrone

Sounds included in this recording are from the Percussive Adventures Sound Library, produced by Christopher Page for East-West Communications,Inc.

Orchestral samples included in this recording from the Vienna Symphonic Library

Quality Assurance

  • VP Customer Service and Quality Assurance - George Scotto
  • Quality Assurance Manager - Tony Rado
  • Quality Assurance Supervisor - Jose Araiza
  • Quality Assurance Lead - Ed Hocking
  • Quality Assurance - Jason Biltz, Dominic Bindley, Gary Binkley, Carl Flaherty, Chris Fritchoff, Nick Herres, Christopher Phillips, Adam Powers, Eric Sison, Adam Stevens, Rob Thompson, Rian Trost
  • Quality Assurance Compatibility - Ryan Antonelli, Jason A. Zimmerman

Customer Service

  • Director of Customer Service - Thomas Terrazas
  • Technical Support Customer Service Manager - Victor Ramirez
  • Customer Service Manager - Gary Matthews

Offline Training

  • Sound Manager - Joe Hight
  • Voice Talent - Fryda Wolff

Sales and Marketing

  • Sr. VP Sales and Marketing - Donald Vercelli
  • Sales and Marketing - Scott McDaniel, Michael Lustenberger, Lisa Leyba, Chris Kramer, Sean Kauppinen, Christy Fritts, Tamara Sanderson, Katie Thomas, Casey Dickinson, Jennifer Belfield, Thomas Taylor, Ari Zgliniec
  • Packaging Design and Production - Mike Meyer
  • Manual Design and Production - Binary Jungle

Web Team

  • Director of Web Presense - Nathan Pearce
  • Web Team - Michael Murphy, Paul Tighe, Ian Wall, Clayton Kroh, Steven Fuller, Tim Cox, Travis Ball, Steve Lukas

Special Thanks

  • Special Thanks - John Smedley, Russell Shanks, Adam Joffe, Yair Landau, Steven Pierce, David Kish, Loren G Skeels, Paul Zastoupil, Jeff Bolaris, Ben Hulse, Thomas Farthing, Dani Roisman, Graeme Ing, John Wesley Watson, Mike Thompson, Aaron Valdes, Sandbag

All the wonderful significant others of the Dev Team that acted as life support for us while we made this game.

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